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Maurice has been called a visionary, a leader for change, and a "benevolent mad scientist". He's worked with big companies, startups, government agencies, and artists to explore the things that will matter to us in the future, and to build the solutions to get us there. 

Maurice is currently Chief Innovation Officer at Telefónica’s Alpha--Europe's first moonshot factory. He and his team are responsible for coming up with the ideas, prototypes and proofs of concepts that will go on to become full-blown moonshots at Alpha: projects that will affect 100's of Millions of people, be a force for good on the planet, and grow into impactful businesses.

Previously, Maurice was Director of Applied Research & Innovation at Autodesk where he built and led Autodesk's Applied Research Lab. 

Maurice's work focuses on "moonshot thinking", applied machine learning, advanced robotics, augmented and virtual realities, and the future of work, cities and mobility.

Maurice is also an explorer of geographies and cultures. He has circumnavigated the globe once and been half-way around twice. In 2009 he was awarded the Medal for Exceptional Bravery at Sea by the United Nations, the New Zealand Bravery Medal and a U.S. Coast Guard Citation for Bravery for risking his own life to save three shipwrecked sailors.

Maurice is a fresh transplant from the Silicon Valley to Barcelona, Spain, and travels around the world speaking to groups about innovation, technology trends, the future, and high adventure.

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